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I love hotel rooms.

Body fluids everywhere.

24 June 1973
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Timothy Speedle had a rough childhood, unable to connect with family or even make any real friends. Born in the comfortable surroundings of Syracuse New York, he mostly found himself in the depths of the Bronx or Brooklyn. The one boy he finally was able to form a connection with, found himself in a horrible accident, leaving him paralyzed. For years, Timothy had used his almost fearsome stubbornness and his innate gifts for puzzles to help allow his friend to move again. Unfortunately the young man died a few months before Tim was set to graduate from Columbia University. That shut Speedle down. Though his parents were kind, they tried hard to reach the turbulent Speedle but to no avail, Tim dropped out. Besides, they had a baby to watch over, 13 years younger.

Drifting from city to city, Timothy found it hard to settle until in Miami-Dade county he met up with his best friends Father. Salvador Fernán Gómez. Salvador was like a surrogate father to Timothy and the man convinced him to go back to school where Tim earned his degree. Soon after he caught the eye of Megan Donner and she took him under his wing, taught him rather well until she was forced to leave the job for personal reasons. After that, Timothy managed to learn from his LT, Horatio Caine. Tim admired the man, as a mentor, a teacher. Another badly needed father figure. The world taught Timothy Speedle how to be cynical but Horatio managed to open him up a little at a time. Made him realize that no, he wasn't doing this just for the paycheck. He wanted to help people, give them closure. Give others the peace his own restless soul could never have.

In the 1980's Miami was a playground to the rich and famous - America's premier tourist spot. But behind the fun in the sun, an underground drug war was escalating over a massive cocaine industry. South American drug cartels infiltrated the beaches of south Florida - bringing with them record amounts of violence. Ochia Ruiz faces a possible life prison sentence on two federal drug conspiracy charges alleging he joined a 30-ton-a-month smuggling network from 1997 to 2002. Sentencing was set for Aug. 19. Ochia, 46, made a sign of the cross, closed his eyes and dropped to his knees in the courtroom after the verdict was read. Jurors reached their verdict after spending five hours on deliberations over two days. The strongest evidence against Ochia came from Clifford Bernal and three other co-defendants, including Timothy Speedle. There was never a choice for Tim, he had to put this man away. The Dellín Cartel was run by Ochia Ruiz and his other brothers along with Pablo Escobar. At its height, it was bringing in as much as $60 million per month, and was estimated by some to be worth as much as $28 billion in total. Other noted figures involved in, or connected with the cartel include the Ochia family José Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha, Max Mermelstein, Barry Seal, Jon Roberts, Mickey Munday, and Carlos Lehder.

Where this Cartel went, death always followed. From terrorism to kidnapping and especially assassinations, no one was safe and Tim had a rather large part to play in the destruction of this particular band of trash. The Cartel lost much of its consolidated power and influence after the death or capture of many of its leading figures, which led to its disappearance as a unified entity. Several of its surviving associates and former members are still active in the international drug scene. And they wanted Timothy Speedle dead.

The plan went off without a hitch, though surprisingly there were tears in his eyes as he was shot. Horatio was so close but Tim was unable to tell him, explain to him why he had to do this. The only person that knew was Alexx as she performed his autopsy. A copy of it was 'leaked' to the outside world and although the former Cartel members to this day, remain wary. Tim is safe for now, after much moving around he managed to settle back into New York City. Full circle. He misses Miami, New York has too many bad memories for him but he could no longer handle the Midwest, which was where the FBI stuck him for Witness Protection. But with the Cartel mostly disbanded, Timothy had fought with the FBI tooth and fucking nail to win his name back at least. Timothy Speedle. Damn right.

Another year slinks by and Timothy hadn't lasted long in New York City. Right now he managed to settle down back in New York City. The Cartel itself was mostly the shell of once a great empire. The thugs were now scattered about the United States and Mexico. No longer a true threat, someday, Timmy did hope to go home..back to Miami. But at the moment he was right here, hidden behind the non stop madness of New York.

Physical Description:

Brown hair, somewhat curly. Dark brown eyes. Stocky build about 5'9". Always appears disheveled, stubble is constant. His clothes are normally about a size too big for him and completely wrinkled. A scar on his chest from the bullet that nearly missed his heart. Tattoo on his left wrist, Chinese lettering; Brooklyn.


Cynical could sum him up rather easily. He has a sharp intellect and a quick wit to match. Timothy was born with a knack for puzzles and an almost photographic memory which helped him academically through school but it also ostracized him from the other children. His lack of trust is a rather large issue and people get on his nerves easily. It's very hard to get close to him, or for him to become close to someone else but when he does his loyalty to them in unwavering. He's extremely aggressive and he loathes authority.

Skills: CSI Level 3. Trace. DNA Samples. Impressions expert. Some mechanical skills. Excellent memory. Proficient in firearms. Pretty good at checkers. Sarcasm. Rather good at racing motorcycles and/or stock cars. Able to speak some Spanish. Understands more.

Weak points: Lack of people skills. Occasional carelessness in sidearm maintenance. Cynical to a fault. Hates authority. Can't do politics. Smoker.